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Compliment Your Wellbeing

Welcome to Compliment Your Wellbeing Its time for YOU….. Its time to experiencing crystal healing, reiki and mediation Its time to put yourself first Its time for you to grow Its time for change Book in for an appointment. Call me on 0488 125 188.

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Space for your Workshops In Monbulk area, features include: Large workshop room with forest view Large open kitchen & discussion area with fire place Meditation room Street side parking Applications for running your own workshops & retreats within our facilities please feel free to contact us. 2017 Workshop dates MARCH 18th TECOMA WORKSHOP, 1:00PM – […]


Rent Therapy Rooms

Therapists are welcome to apply to use our rooms at a very reasonable casual or ongoing basis. Room A is larger & can hold up to 13 people including the therapist for a cozy fit workshop, portable massage table available upon request. Room B is smaller which suits 2-3 people & includes natural light, contains […]


Our New Shop NOW OPEN!

Operating Tuesday to Saturday. Opening hours will be 11am-4pm Tuesday to Friday, Saturday 11am to 2pm. We will continue our retail and services in our own new shop. To book services please book by appointment.

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Benefits of Nature

We are so blessed to have such wonderful surroundings around us in nature. It is inspiring to have these experiences and there are many opportunities to experience an increase in awareness and healing. As we all know that nature can be brought to us anywhere too. We don’t always have to go out to it. […]


Simple Affirmations

    Affirmations are great tools to use reset the way we think about ourselves, others and the world. Affirmations are affirming a belief through self self talk, it can allow us to feel and allow what we say come into action. By stating positive affirmations we can change our thoughts and beliefs into positive […]


Archangel Oil Healing

  We work with the wonderful 7 Archangels. They are assisting and guiding with healing sessions. We now offer Archangel Oil Healing. I am now a certified Archangel Oil Practitioner. Healing sessions can be modified and customised according to your needs. We can combine the modalities if required. We are readily able to adapt to […]


7 Basic Chakras

Let me empower you by teaching you about the chakras and how they relate to functioning of emotions and the physical body. By forming understanding of each of the chakras creates insight on how we relate to ourselves, others and the physical world. The existence of chakras and our auras has recently been proven to […]


Spiritual Giftware

Spiritual Giftware for sale all priced under recommended retail price (RRP) Giftware include: Unique and general crystals/gemstones Tumble stones Raw stones Jewellery Oracle cards Books Singing bowls