Tecoma’s Wellbeing Centre! Alternative therapies including Readings, Meditation, Circle, Crystal therapies, Reiki, Distant Healing, Spirit Healing, Massage, Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy. Also rooms for rent by therapists, unique jewellery & gift ware.

Retail Shop open hours Thursday Friday 11am-3.30pm & Saturday 1pm-4pm.

Private bookings available also outside of normal Retail Shop open hours.

Therapists are welcome to apply to use our rooms at a very reasonable casual or ongoing basis. Room A is larger & can hold up to 13 people including the therapist for a cozy fit workshop, portable massage table available upon request. Room B is smaller & includes natural light, contains a large powered massage table. Discounts always available for valid VSU (Victorian Spiritualist Union) or SNU (Spiritualists National Union) Member card holders.

NICOLE CASTLE – As a healing therapist I work with a client 1:1, facilitate, support, provide what service is needed based on their requirements and complete an integration/nurturing plan.

It is through my nursing background, over 11 years of experience as a Registered Nurse I have gained knowledge and respect for western medicine.

I have learned and experienced that western medicine and alternative therapies work together and compliment each other. I’m looking forward to sharing with you the benefits of combining them.


Crystal Therapy
Distant Healing

Recent Blog Posts


At my request, I have received three sessions of Crystal Healing from Nicole. The healing energy directed to me during those sessions was both notable and calming. The sessions lasted about an hour each but the time seemed to pass so quickly. I particularly liked the session where I was assisted in getting in touch with my inner child. I found that most emotional and vivid. NicoleĀ“s method of healing I found particularly soothing during all three sessions. It enabled me to enter into the receptive state and take in the healing energy being offered.
As I was new to the concept of Crystal Healing, Nicole took the time to explain to me the process and what to expect. We had a number of question and answer sessions and detailed noted were taken. The overall effect of the sessions was to leave me with a sense of wellbeing, revitalisation and lightness. It also encouraged me to take greater interest in the whole process and, of course, the result.
After the sessions, I seemed to have a greater awareness of my surroundings and substantially less sentiment of anxiety. I felt that this was as a direct result of the session. It was as if the pace of life had slowed to a more reasonable rate. I have since taken up regular meditation.


When I saw Nicole we worked on clearing and balancing my chakras my energy clearing. Clearing blockages. During the session I had an out of body experience, felt that I was floating just above from where I laid on the bed an experience that I have never experienced before. It was a feeling of relaxed and comfortable. I now meditate before I go to sleep every night something I have never done before. Now I feel more relaxed.


I received an emotional release and soul retrieval healing from Nicole. I found Nicole to be very professional throughout all aspects of my healing.
Nicole explained in length the processes and crystals she would be using and the benefits that I would receive from this treatment.
I have a lot of stress in my personal life at the moment and after my healing Nicole had made me feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel a lot more relaxed, that I could think a lot more clearly and it gave me personal strength I needed.


I received a crystal healing from Nicole to help me from my recent third knee dislocation. Since it was my first time Nicole very kindly informed me all aspects of crystal healing and what happens during the healing. Before starting Nicole got me to pick 10-20 crystals to be used in the crystal healing, which I thought was great as I contribute to the healing somehow. My experience throughout the healing was very calming, relaxing and peaceful. Nicole calmly and gently guided me during the healing process. At the end of my crystal healing session Nicole gave me time to wake up and then to reflect and ask questions on how my healing went. I found my healing was very insightful on obstacles that I thought I had resolved which had resurfaced. Throughout the crystal healing Nicole was very accommodating to my welfare and needs which made me feel really good and appreciated.


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